ABOUT EXECUTIVE LEARNING CENTER  In 2005, Julia Feng and Ramil Cueto launched Executive Learning Center with a vision of providing our clients with effective learning solutions guided by ISO 10015, the global standard for quality in training and education.  Over the years, we have developed integrated learning solutions that deliver return on investment (ROI) in training.    ELC’s original philosophy of Growing Together promotes the values of Inclusiveness, Collaboration, and Integrity.  Such philosophy has now evolved to “Value people to create value for all.”   With a new and fresh view of market needs, ELC now provides effective organizational development solutions that are Empowering, Transforming and Creating.    Today, with globalized and highly competitive markets, ELC utilizes a collabrative network business model to provide our clients with up-to-date insights and innovative approches to learning that empower organisational development. ELC believes that effective partnership with our clients will lead to higher productivity, results-driven team, more effective communication and a more balanced work-life.  Together Let’s LIVE THE DREAM WHAT WE DO INFORMATION SUCCESS STORIES
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ABOUT US Executive Learning Center Corporate Introduction Transformation enables us to navigate the course that leads to a more meaningful and fulfilling life and vocation originating from our core.  There is an adage that says "one has to find a vocation and somebody to love" to live a purposeful life.  The same can be said for modern organizations  need to transcend from just becoming profit generators for it is not sufficient for man to live from materials alone.  They need to belong to organizations that create engaging roles and responsibilities that continue to encourage and challenge individuals to grow and mature.    Connected to the core, we are empowered to unleash our potential.  We become authentic, passionate and committed to a cause, to the task at hand and to achieve the desired results in our organization.  Empowered leaders provide a clear direction of their organizations and of their team's vision and mission, develops the right atmosphere to deliver above the line's products and services and equally important, they continually seek to elevate the competences of their people to a higher level of excellence.    Empowered teams are interested to delve into new endeavors and to convert challenges into  opportunities and problems into solutions.  We believe that transformation and empowerment are  the keys to unleash the creative power of the individual, the organization and the society.  When  creativity is directed towards addressing current opportunities and challenges with a view of creating a harmonious, peaceful and inclusive world - the individual, the organization and the society develop.  THUS, we invite you to have a sincere and profound dialogue with our experienced and highly  committed team to explore how we can dream and discover together, how we co-design effective and efficient individual and organizational development solutions so that individual and organizational transformation awaken within you and your organization resulting to socially responsible business goals, processes and outcomes. ELC Consulting Team At the core of individual, organization and society are the intangibles - values, beliefs, dreams and principles that govern their thoughts, decisions and behaviors.  At Executive Learning Center, we believe that individual, organizational and societal transformation is the starting point in creating and maintaining a sustainable future where equality, hunger for growth and development, sharing and compassion, diversity and inclusion are the norms. The Power of Transformation Ramil Cueto & Julia Feng ELC Founders CONTACT US CLIENTS EVENTS HOME ABOUT US WHAT WE DO EXECUTIVE COACHING GLOBAL MINDSET LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE OUR VISION OUR MISSION OUR CONSULTANTS OUR TEAM 2016 PROGRAMS & WORKSHOPS ABOUT US EVENTS CLIENTS OUR CONSULTANTS OUR VISION & MISSION OUR TEAM ABOUT US Watch videos LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT Listen to event audios Beijing Shanghai Philippines UK Greece Canada HOME ABOUT US ABOUT US